Oxley Street Residence


Creating something truly exceptional becomes possible when clients wholeheartedly embrace the design vision and approve of your selections. In this fortunate case, I had the pleasure of working with a couple who had recently relocated from Bermuda to Toronto after three decades. Their downtown condo, which they had owned for ten years, didn’t align with their lifestyle or design preferences. With a shared passion for cooking and hosting, they envisioned a functional kitchen with high-end appliances, ample seating, upscale finishes, improved lighting, and enhanced privacy. I’m thrilled to say that I not only met but exceeded their expectations by delivering precisely that.

Additionally, the living space underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving into a sophisticated room with a small desk, dry bar, and comfortable seating for entertainment and relaxation. Introducing new integrated doors brought a unique sense of privacy to the rest of the condo, elevating the overall living experience.

Here is a quote from my client’s review:

“Our house is now a home that has improved our lifestyle considerably. Bonus – increased property value to boot!”

Photography by Erik Rotter.