North York Office Design

The challenge of this project was to transform a dated office into a workspace appealing to a young energetic team of professionals with an eye for a good design.
I enjoyed designing this fully customized space, that both looks great and works well for my client’s needs. I wanted to create a practical space that feels organic, but youthful and energetic and has a good flow. As with all my projects, I start by collecting as much information as possible, following the programming phase and space planning. Next, come the lighting and electrical plans. Style, materials, and furniture complete a well balanced cohesive design plan. This process is always challenging, but the results are always satisfying! Here are the words of my happy clients on this project:
“Great job! Svetlana — head designer at the company — has an eye for colour and a great space planning ability, allowing her to positively transform any room and turn it into an inviting and livable space.”