Executive Office Design


” When I traded in my “Partner” office on Bay Street for the “CEO suite” uptown and was afforded an opportunity to do anything I wanted with my workspace, I turned to Svetlana and Estee Design to create my ideal office. I had seen some of Estee Design’s work elsewhere, and my first instinct was to ask Svetlana to recreate that for me in my new executive suite. But she did more and much better than that. She designed something that was right for ME, that reflected MY personality, MY temperament, MY aesthetic, MY style and MY work habits. As a professional, she would not have been content to simply reproduce something “off the shelf” or something that had been designed for someone else.

The result was a spectacular, unique, modern, totally customized “look and feel” that dazzles every guest who sees it and fills me with a sense of pride, comfort and confidence every time I get to the office and sit at my desk. Svetlana made a point of finding out not just what I like but who I am, how I work and how I feel. Only then did she set out to design my space. In the process, I ended up with a space that was totally created FOR ME because it is ABOUT ME. Svetlana raised my standards and my expectations of what an office could and should be.

And she delivered.”

Photographed by Brandon Barre.